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At Signpost Speech, we offer responsive, respectful speech therapy and literacy services that are client-centered, trauma-informed, and neurodiversity-affirming. We take a holistic approach to each client’s needs and focus on meeting families where they are. We consider each individual’s strengths and challenges in both the home and school setting, and work with families to consider what accommodations can ultimately best help meet their and their child’s needs.


In addition to offering speech and language therapy and literacy services, we focus on helping clients develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and emotional regulation skills. We consider how a client’s sensory needs and executive functioning skills may be impacting their communication and refer to occupational therapy, educational psychology, and other specialists as needed. We embrace the social model of disability and work to help families understand the services available to them in the community.

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Sessions may be provided at your home or online (teletherapy). I work with children, teens, and adults. 

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Speech Evaluation + Therapy

  • Speech sound disorders (articulation and phonological)

  • Stuttering and cluttering (speech disfluency)

  • Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)

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Language Evaluation + Therapy

  • Expressive and receptive language disorders

  • Developmental language delay

  • Social communication (pragmatic language)

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Literacy Therapy

  • Dyslexia

  • Phonological awareness and processing 

  • Vocabulary

  • Written language/spelling

  • Reading comprehension


The Process

Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute phone or Google Meet consultation. After we discuss your concerns, we can schedule an evaluation based on your current needs. My assessment process is outlined below:

Review of Records

If you have had an psychoeducational evaluation or speech-language assessment within the last 12 months, I may be able to use some or all of those results to plan therapy.

 Individualized Evaluation

I use a combination of standardized tests, observations, and non-standardized measures to determine strengths and weaknesses. 

Written Report

This will include my findings, recommendations for school supports or accommodations, and a treatment plan. 

Meeting to Review Results

Discussion of results and recommendations. I will answer any questions or concerns you have and will discuss how therapy will look.

Treatment Goals

Goals are designed to support your child’s greatest needs and will be discussed with you before starting therapy. 

In-Person or Online

I visit your home, school, or daycare or hold virtual therapy sessions — or a combination of both depending on the need.  For online therapy, I use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, and keep therapy as fun and engaging as it is in-person.


Heather Thaker M.A., M.Ed, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


About Me

My name is Heather Thaker, and I’m the owner of Signpost Speech, Language & Literacy Services. I’m an ASHA-certified and Georgia-licensed Speech Language Pathologist. I earned a Master of Education in Communication Disorders in 2015, and a Master of Arts in Anthropology in 2005 - both from Georgia State University. I completed my graduate training for communication disorders at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Shepherd Spinal Center, and Fernbank Elementary School.

I have 14 years experience working with children and adults in a variety of educational and therapeutic capacities, including in public schools, universities, outpatient clinics, and private practice. I have training and experience in all areas of communication and feeding disorders, and I have a special interest in working with and teaching acceptance and self-advocacy skills for neurodivergent children and adults.  My work focuses on evidence-based methods, and I work hard to keep my skills current through pursuing ongoing continuing education. I also have experience providing virtual speech and language therapy that is meaningful, interactive, and stimulating. I have training in the Orton-Gillingham Approach, Wilson Language Training, SCERTS Model, Hanen Approach, PROMPT Therapy, Beckman's Oral Motor protocol, and SOFFI - Feeding FUNdamentals, among others. 

When I’m not providing therapy, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and son at our home in Avondale Estates.

Fees & Payment

Speech and language treatment sessions are typically 30, 45, or 60 minutes long including 5-10 minutes of discussion with parents or caregivers.

Sessions are typically recommended for once or twice weekly. Sessions are held at your home, at your child's daycare or school, or via teletherapy.  Literacy sessions are recommended for at least 45-60 minutes twice per week. When appropriate and possible, I collaborate with teachers and other therapists to create treatment plans which support a student's educational (IEP) goals. 

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